Storeytime is a 5-piece vocal jazz group that features Patrick Storey, an extremely gifted young man who was diagnosed with autism when he was two.

Storeytime is a 501(c)(3) corp created to educate and inspire families and friends of autistic individuals. The organization’s goal is to help people focus on the talents and gifts autistic people have rather than solely concentrating on their deficits. Storeytime performs as a vocal group centered around Patrick Storey, an autistic singer with an incredible musical gift. The group shares their story, music and message at autism events, schools and other public programs with no expectation of payment. Storeytime Inc. is currently in need of funding in order to help pay for travel expenses, musical equipment, musicians, website maintenance, recordings, and administrative needs.

Storeytime made it’s debut at the 2nd Annual Evening for Autism benefit in Newport Beach, CA, performing in front of a crowd of 600. They have since performed in numerous venues and events in greater Los Angeles, and was recently nominated for “Best Jazz Vocal Group” at the LA Music Awards. Last summer they recorded their debut at the historic Village Studios in Los Angeles.

With brilliantly diverse set lists that range from Michael Jackson medleys to Brazilian jazz, standards and original tunes, Storeytime is a unique group that blends superb musicianship with an inspirational message about the power of music and autism awareness.


  1. Can your group play in a location that serves alcohol?
    A friend of mine was thinking of having you in his “watering hole”
    but he is worried about the AGE restrictions.

    So, would your audience have to be over 21? How about members of your group?
    I checked out future performances, could not find you in –
    Are you planning to use them?

  2. Muito bom, ainda vou vê-los cantar ao vivo :-D

    Parabéns à todos.

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